1 in 2 Spanish Internet users is constantly online

15th October 2014

TNS presents the Connected Life study, conducted on 55.000 frequent Internet users (who connect at least once a week to the Internet) in 50 countries. Some of the main conclusions regarding this group are:

- Spanish Internet users have 5,3 technological devices on average

- Frequent Spanish Internet users spend more than 9 hours consuming media and devices, mainly computers, TV and mobile phones

- 1 in 2 Spanish Internet users watch video on demand and play through their mobile or tablet at least once a week
- 1 in 3 Internet users is interested in personalized ads according to their tastes and interests.
According to data from the study, the Spanish user has an average of 5,3 technological devices owned out of a maximum of 9 (Smartphone, landline, mobile not smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, game console, flat screen TV and smart TV) . The Smartphone is the device with the highest penetration: 83% of Spanish Internet users have one. 5 out of 10 Spanish consumers have a Tablet and the Smart TV has a penetration of 22%. The majority of Spanish Internet users have WiFi at home (78%), which allows greater connectivity through multiple devices.
Despite the fact that there is a greater penetration of Smartphones than of computers among frequent Internet users, Spain continues to be a market focused on the PC and Spanish frequent Internet users spend more time on the computer than on the mobile phone. Of the 5,8 hours a day that we dedicate to the use of devices, just over half (52%) is dedicated to the computer and 36% to the mobile phone. Tablets occupy 12% of the time. This situation is different in the youngest group (16-24 years old), in which the mobile phone is the main device, over the computer. 

With regard to technology, among the analyzed group 1 in 3 mobile phones in Spain is a Samsung. The brand clearly leads the Spanish mobile market and Android is configured as the operating system for 76% of Smartphone users. Apple ranks fifth behind Sony, Nokia and LG. In the Tablet market, 50% is controlled by Samsung (24%) and Apple iPad (21%); BQ has a 9% share and the rest is shared between multiple brands.

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