10 years of Cavallum, the award-winning wine box that turns into a lamp

August 28st, 2019

In 2009

In 2009, a design made in Barcelona captured the gaze of sustainability experts and creativity lovers: a wine box that was transformed into an elegant lamp of a table cavallum It immediately won over the world press and was recognized by, among others, the Global Innovation Report London 2009 as one of the nine most innovative designs in the world.
Cavallum was the first packaging with a second life in the world - that is to say, the first packaging designed to have a second use, far beyond simple packaging. 70% of the packaging becomes a new object: an elegant table lamp.
After 10 years, it is time to celebrate. From July 10 to September 30, 2019, companies and individuals will be able to join the campaign and reserve their Cavallum. The goal is to reach 10.000 units. The production will be made exclusively for those who join the campaign and will take place from October to November of this year. The reservation is made through the page www.ciclus.com/shareproduction.
«If we reach our goal, we will donate 5% of our campaign to Oxfam Intermón that will be destined to the families that are suffering from the effects of climate change in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia where there is a new drought ", he explains Tati Guimaraes, creator of Cavallum and founder of Cyclus, your creative laboratory.
The campaign has a video that explains how and why Cavallum was made and its purpose. Find them is located here.
"We wanted to make a shared celebration and make a gift to companies and people who reflect the same values ​​as us and want to do, but do not know how, a sustainability action that excites and lasts", says Tati Guimarães.

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