20.000 billion Tetra Pak packages with the FSC® seal sold in 2012.

6, March, 2013

20.000 billion Tetra Pak packages with the FSC® seal sold in 2012.

Tetra Pak has reached the figure of 20.000 million cartons sold in 2012 with the FSC® seal around the world, a label that certifies that these packages (14% of its global production) have been manufactured with paper from the forest , managed responsibly and sources controlled.
For its part, Tetra Pak Iberia plans to close 2012 with sales of 2.200 million cartons with the FSC® seal, which represents 29% of its packaging production.

Furthermore, Tetra Pak and Coca-Cola Hellenic, Europe's leading manufacturer of beverages under the trademark The Coca-Cola Company, have announced the global launch of the Tetra Gemina Aseptic (TGA) Leaf container for Coca's Dobry juice range. -Cola, in Russia.
Libby's juices have a new design and cap. The Tetra Pak 1L Tetra Brik Aseptic container uses the HeliCap 23 closure, a one-step screw cap that brings convenience and confidence to consumers, combining an easy-open system with high security. Its anti-tamper ring concentrates the opening force on the first thread of the cap. 


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