6 out of 10 buyers already decide before reaching the shelf

August 19st, 2015

According to data from TNS, between 60 and 80% of buyers already have many decisions made before reaching the shelf. This is because purchasing decision processes have become more sophisticated and the relevance of digital touchpoints has increased. Spanish consumers are in the average of countries in terms of search before buying, and between 50% and 59% of consumers in our country look for information before going to buy.
The degree of search for prior information differs according to the product category, being much higher in categories such as Travel or Technology and much lower in Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco, Home Care, Personal Hygiene and Food and Beverages.
In the case of personal care products, 40% of consumers "search" before buying a product in this category, and of these, two-thirds do so exclusively through online channels. In Spain there is more webrooming (previous online search) than showrooming (online search from the store itself). One example of this is that in the case of personal care products, 1 in 3 buyers contacts the brand at least once before arriving at the store.
On the other hand, according to a TNS study carried out in 20 countries, consumers who have a strong relationship with companies are three times more loyal, five times more likely to buy other products and services of the brand and recommend six times more to the company. This data demonstrates the importance of establishing strong relationships with clients in order to grow.
On the other hand, bad experience is one of the main causes for changing companies with a 24% incidence and just behind “finding a better offer from a competitor” (31%) and “being dissatisfied with the value relationship -price ”(28%).

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