Celtic Milk is presented in new packaging and encourages the practice of Milkfulness

25, July, 2022

celtic milk

celtic milk lanza this is milkfulness, a new brand concept with which it aims to raise awareness about the pace of life we ​​lead and how unsustainable it is. This new positioning of the brand has also meant the renewal of its visual identity, which ranges from logo of Celtic Milk, which is now monochrome and with a single stroke, until the comprehensive redesign of its packaging, recyclable and with plant-based stopper, with a modern design, in the only brik plant-base From the market 1,5 liter, High renewable content.

These new packages incorporate a little cow illustrated that conveys fun messages to consumers, as well as a reflection to practice Milkfulness in the day to day and reduce the frenetic pace that we have.

new positioning

The company of Galician origin has carried out a study on the lifestyle of the Spanish and from it it extracts statements such as that on average we eat breakfast in less than seven minutes, that almost 40% of the population does it in less than five and that 78% of those surveyed would like their “breakfast time” to be calmer.

"The new positioning of Leche Celta aims to create a new link between the brand and its consumers and we believe that we can only achieve this by paying more attention to how they live and relate to the planet," he stressed. Ainhoa ​​Calvo, Responsible for Innovation at Leche Celta.

In this sense, the brand intends to generate a dialogue with its consumers in all its communications, but mainly from its profiles on social networks. From them, in addition to communicating the company's products and advances, healthy habits that have a positive impact on both their lives and the environment will be promoted.

As for its range of products, Leche Celta has a wide range of quality milk, with a large format range (1,5 and 2 litres). In a tangible commitment to the development and viability of the rural environment, Leche Celta offers its customers the range of grazing milk, a product made with milk from cows that feed essentially on natural pastures. This is the first grazing milk in Spain with double AENOR Grazing and Animal Welfare certification.

In addition, the company carries out personalized advice to farmers so that their practices and exploitation models are increasingly sustainable.


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