Eva Arias designs the packaging of Tocando Madera wine

May 8th 2023

touching wood

In this young wine, with medium aging, balanced and round, perfect for those who are starting out in the world of wine and are looking for an option that is not very complex, with a pleasant mid palate. The client wanted to transmit a positive vision of life, to be a celebration of it and its little pleasures.

The name of the wine touching wood, a play on words, evokes, on the one hand, the brief passage of the wine in the barrel, for just a period of time to round it off. On the other hand, it refers to that gesture that we make, like an amulet, which is almost a game to maintain good luck.

The design of eva arias collects all this information and transfers it to a graph with a vibrant color palette, which transmits joy and freshness.

It is a design with two levels. In the foreground, the silhouettes created by the black line evoke situations, moments, to be fully enjoyed in good company. In the background are the letters that make up the name of the wine in the form of colored spots that, placed in an almost chaotic manner, bring dynamism to the design, alluding to play and ease.

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