The Heidelberg dome visits the Spanish market

February 8th 2024


Within the framework of the good results expected for this fiscal year by Heidelberg Spain and taking into account the positive outlook for the Spanish economy for the next year, Heidelberg received the visit on January 23 and 24, Dr. Ludwin Monz, Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. David Schmedding, Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen.

With controlled and downward inflation rates and with a positive CPI of one and a half points on average expected, according to reports from the Bank of Spain for the next 3 years, Spain is presented as one of the driving forces of Europe compared to other economies in recession. During the visit and in different meetings, the situation of the packaging industry in Spain was assessed, its increasingly important role within the national GDP and its role in the export capacity of the Spanish industrial fabric.

Today, after the COVID crisis, Spain's GDP becomes the fourth largest economy in the EU, although the country was the most affected by the blockade generated by the pandemic, due to an economic structure highly oriented to services. However, since then, it has recovered solidly thanks to the normalization of the country's economic activities.

During the visit, Dr. Monz valued the Spanish economic indices as promising values ​​for a good future, emphasizing the quality of our industry and the credibility of our product beyond our borders. Today, there are many international groups that take over the peninsula, although here, there are family companies that play in the same division.

Within this dynamic of approaching our market, Dr. L. Monz and Dr. D. Schmedding chose two reference companies in the sector. On the one hand, they traveled to the facilities that Alzamora Group has in Olot. At the plant, some aspects of the upcoming installation of Heidelberg equipment were discussed and it was possible to assess the production plant and the magnificent workflow of the different equipment that makes up the installed base of the Girona company. Dr. L. Monz became interested in the R&D department, one of the company's differentiating points. Alzamora has been working in sheetfed offset for years with Heidelberg technology and there are currently open projects for the company's different plants. Anna Alzamora, CEO of the company, and Jordi Llovera, director of operations, were able to chat with Dr. Monz and Dr. Schmedding throughout the visit, accompanied by Roland Krapp, CEO, and Ignacio Baquero, Business Driver of Sheet Offset from Heidelberg Spain.

Later, they visited the company cideyeg, based in Terrassa. They were welcomed there Monserrat Vilanova, company manager, Pepo Figueras, commercial director, and Jose Lopez, production director. With them, together Sergi Balaguero, area manager of Heidelberg Spain, visited the plant and were able to see the great role of the Speedmaster in the printing house. In the same way, strategic issues and configurations of future projects were reviewed. With a very loyal customer base and a machinery base well adapted to their demand, the company has managed to keep ownership in the hands of the family and sees good prospects for the future. Dr. Schmedding rated the view more than positively and was interested in the level of exports and the type of product.

Photo: Roland Krapp, Dr. Monz, Sergi Balagueró, Heidelberg area manager, Montserrat Vilanova, Cideyeg manager, Dr. Schmedding, Jose López, Cideyeg production director, Pepo Figueras, Cideyeg commercial director, and Ignacio Baquer.

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