The new Juver Juver labeling highlights the Murcian origin of its lemons

July 2, 2024

Juver Juices

Juver Juices, leader in the production of natural juices and nectars in Spain for more than six decades, announces the launch of the new labeling for your Traditional Lemonade. This new design highlights that its lemonade is made “only with lemons from Murcia.” 

This change reflects Juver's dedication to the community of the Region of Murcia, exclusively using lemons from farmers in the area. The company collaborates with approximately 150 farmers in the region, thus promoting economic and social development. 

In 2024, Juver plans to use more than 2.168 tons of lemons coming exclusively from the Region of Murcia, demonstrating its commitment to the regional economy and environmental sustainability. The company focuses on offering quality products while supporting the communities in the area. The exclusive use of Murcia lemons in their lemonade guarantees freshness and authenticity, in addition to supporting the region's farmers and promoting economic and social growth. 

According to Jose Hernandez Perona, CEO of Zumos Juver: “this new labeling reflects our dedication to the quality and authenticity of our products. By highlighting that our lemons come exclusively from Murcia, we not only guarantee the freshness of our lemonade, but we also reaffirm our commitment to the economy and social development of the region. “We are proud to work with Murcian farmers and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.” 

With this new labeling, Zumos Juver reaffirms its commitment to Marca España products and its collaboration with farmers in the Region of Murcia. The company continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable future committed to local communities, offering consumers natural products of the highest quality.

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