A «Martian» -inspired packaging for Los Verdes wine

July 15, 2021

From Bulldog studio have created the naming and packaging for the wine The Greens brand Wine Shack, with Denomination of Origin Rueda.

With the naming of Los Verdes they wanted to tell a story that links the name of the product with its varietal, Verdejo. Being a wine young and funny have generated a storytelling of clear "Martian" inspiration and the classic films of the 60s - 70s where the little green men come to our planet, but in this case not to destroy it, but to take away this wine.

Graphically, the halo of turquoise green light coming out of the UFO is striking, which contrasts with the dark blue background of the label that reminds us of the night sky, all accompanied by a background of stars created with a gold stamping that gives brightness and depth to the whole.

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