ABB in Spain increases its sales by 17% and reaches a turnover of almost 500 million euros in 2021

7, February, 2022


FIG, leading company in industrial engineering and automation, has presented the economic results of 2021 in Spain, registering 5641 million euros in sales, which represents a growth of 17% compared to 2020. In this line, the company has increased its turnover to 495 million (+ 18%).

The company, which has 4 main production and engineering centers in Spain (Madrid, Catalonia and Basque Country), 18 commercial delegations and employs around 1.400 people, has managed to improve income during 2021. In this sense, the business areas (Electrification, Robotics & Discrete Automation, Motion and Process Automation) have managed to mitigate the impact of the inflation and supply problems, thus achieving the objectives set in Spain. In addition, in 2021 one of the largest acquisitions of 2021 of the ABB Group was carried out in Spain with ASTI Mobile Robotics with the purpose of completing its industrial robotics portfolio and expanding into mobile robotics.

Antonio Freijé, Country Holding Officer of ABB in Spain, has assured that «2021, despite the fact that it has been a year of profound transformations in a complex environment, has allowed us to be more resistant and flexible, thus achieving the objectives set in Spain. We have opted for sustainability as a strategic axis to reduce the carbon footprint, advocate for the circular economy and with projects with social impact. In addition, hand in hand with technology, digitization and energy efficiency, we have managed to offer clear added value to our customers.”

Strategic Sustainability Plan: Roadmap to 2030

ABB is committed to sustainability as a key strategy for the company. To achieve this goal, the organization is committed to the reduction of the carbon footprint, social commitment and the circular economy. Each and every one of the business areas is integrated into the sustainability strategy.

Regarding the reduction of the carbon footprint, the objective is to supply 100% renewable energy, promote energy efficiency studies in ABB centers in Spain and complete the transition of the company's fleet to electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids. In addition, it is committed to the circular economy, through eco-design in the manufacture and packaging of its products.

On the other hand, ABB is also advancing in projects that place the company's human capital at the center, generating a strong corporate culture through family conciliation actions, such as promoting hybrid work and also a clear commitment to inclusion and diversity. . In this sense, ABB has promoted the Be Healthy program in 2021. 2.0 with the aim of helping employees achieve a balance between their personal and professional life, between physical and mental health and focusing on three main areas: emotional management, food care and physical health.


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