ADBioplastics presents a compostable bioplastic for packaging

15, May, 2023


About us ADBioplastics presents a compostable bioplastic which can be used in applications food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging.

This is the bioplastic PLA-Premium. Pablo Delfino, director of business development at ADBioplastics, explains that this material "is biobased because it comes from natural products such as corn, sugar cane and/or beets, as well as being compostable, since it disintegrates in a maximum of three months in industrial conditions”. 

In addition, the certificate OK Compost of the certification body TÜV Austria verifies the compostability of PLA-Premium, which is also suitable for contact with food, in accordance with applicable European legislation (FCM).

Based in Paterna (Valencia), ADBioplastics seeks to offer a packaging solution that allows compliance with European sustainability requirements through its material, made up of virgin PLA and an impact modifier developed by ADBioplastics to enhance the mechanical properties of the PLA bioplastic and improve your resistance by up to 7 times. Thus, it has managed to obtain a bioplastic that can be processed in conventional equipment, which avoids an increase in costs, with good sealing capacity and good finishes, engravings and transparency.

In addition, the start-up has developed different grades aimed at various industrial applications (injection blown, injection molded, sheet extrusion for thermoforming, cast extrusion and blown film extrusion and hollow body extrusion blown).


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