Aecoc and EQA will collaborate to audit Lean & Green logistics decarbonization projects

26, April, 2022


Aecoc and EQA have recently signed the collaboration agreement by which the international certification, inspection and verification entity will audit the plans to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its logistics processes, achieved by the more than 90 companies that are part from Lean & Green, as well as the fulfillment of the objectives set by the program.

With the agreement, the Lean & Green program guarantees the verification of the calculation and the results obtained, by the companies, in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to transport and storage activities, both direct and indirect.

«The purpose of Lean & Green is to accompany companies in the process of decarbonization of your logistics processes obtaining measurable and quantifiable results. The agreement with EQA guarantees the rigor and transparency of the progress of the companies and provides solidity to the project", explains the logistics director of Aecoc, Maria Tena.

For, Ignacio Martinez, CEO of EQA, “we are facing a paradigm shift in which there are many initiatives to advance the commitment to sustainability. The agreement with Aecoc to verify the decarbonization of Lean & Green companies is a very motivating project, which will allow us to provide confidence and credibility through our experience as accredited Greenhouse Gas verifiers».

Since its launch in 2017, Lean & Green has established itself as the reference decarbonisation program for logistics processes in Spain. Currently, the project includes 94 companies in our country, which in these years have achieved an average saving of 20% in GHG emissions, which translates into a total saving of 7 million tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

By joining Lean & Green, companies commit to reducing GHG emissions from their logistics processes by 20% within a maximum period of five years.


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