AFBOP organizes the XNUMXst sectoral meeting of paper bag manufacturers

April 23th 2014

The Association of Paper Bag Manufacturers AFBOP organized in Madrid on April 8 the XNUMXst Sectorial Meeting of Paper Bag Manufacturers, created with the aim of consolidating the determined drive of paper bag manufacturers to promote information and collaboration between companies in the sector.

About 75 professionals from the sector, manufacturers of paper bags and agents of the paper industry (paper suppliers, manufacturers of raw materials, etc.), gathered at this XNUMXst Meeting, organized by AFBOP, the Association of Manufacturers of Bags of Paper, and sponsored by GARANT MASCHINEN, from WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER and SIEGWERK SPAIN SA
The initial presentation was made by the President of AFBOP, J. Ignacio García Montañés. Next, it was the turn of Alex Fornos and Martin Plogmann from GARANT MASCHINEN, from WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER, who presented the novelties in the machinery for the manufacture of SOS paper bags with and without handles and of flat bottom bags with or without gussets. and they presented the new existing bag formats in the sector.
The morning session concluded with two other lectures, one by Ángel Dapena, as a representative of the “labolsadepapel” platform, launched jointly by AFBOP and paper manufacturers, who explained the Virtuous Circle of Paper Bags: sustainability, framework legal, image and values.
Subsequently, the conference was held by Javier García and Ramón Sesé from SIEGWERK SPAIN SA, who presented SIEGWERK solutions for the paper bag market (water-based and solvent-based inks) and the new proposals for the sustainability of their packaging by using inks based on an innovative hybrid technology. Finally, the meeting ended with the closing of the President of AFBOP, J. Ignacio García Montañés.

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