AIMPLAS coordinates the European DAFIA project

April 5th 2017

The organic waste generated by the fishing industry and urban solid waste (MSW) are a resource whose recovery can be used to obtain new products with high added value, such as fire retardant additives, edible gelatin-based coatings to extend the life of the fish itself or to be incorporated in multilayer packaging, as well as chemical substances for the production of bioplastics.

To make this goal a reality, AIMPLAS coordinates the European project DAFIA since last January, in which 14 other partners participate. One of the keys to the project is obtaining new plastic materials from resources from natural sources such as organic household waste and waste from the fishing industry. From substances such as acids and amines found in them, AIMPLAS will synthesize new polyamides.

Other substances that can also be obtained from these fish waste are gelatins that will be used as an edible coating for the fish itself. This technology can extend the shelf life of frozen fish. In addition, these gelatins and other bioactive compounds will be used in the project for the development of active packaging.


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