Aimplas creates a seal that guarantees the safety and functionality of reusable food packaging

7, June, 2022

Aimplas creates a seal for reusable food packaging

Aimplas, Technological Institute of Plastic, created the Seal Designed to be Reusable based on Regulation (CE) 1935/2004, Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011, Regulation (CE) No. 282/2008, as well as the recent dishwasher resistance standard UNE 53928:2020. This seal guarantees that the product has been conceived to be reused in contact with food in a safe both after repeated uses and after washing between these and that it has passed the essential analyzes to be considered reusable from the point of view of food safety. In addition, to these is added the validation of its functionality.

To this end, the tests to which the products are subjected before achieving the seal include different types of analyzes and tests such as those for resistance to washing in a dishwasher for at least five cycles, the evaluation of risks derived from NIAS (substances not added intentionally) and migration tests to ensure that if they migrate to food they do not represent a health risk, as well as sensory analyzes to verify that their reuse does not cause the packaging to modify the organoleptic characteristics of the food.

For packaging manufacturing companies, having this seal represents a competitive advantage over the competition due to the security and transparency it provides. For those who purchase and use the container, it is a guarantee of safety, and for the environment, the fact of promoting reuse represents an advantage from different points of view: on the one hand, due to the evident reduction in waste that can be poorly managed and, on the other, another because it implies a reduction in the resources used and also in the emission of greenhouse gases.


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