Alzamora Group increases its exports by 41%

7, March, 2022

Alzamora Packaging

Alzamora Group, a leading group in the manufacture of cardboard packaging, has closed the 2021 financial year with a turnover of more than €41 million, which represents a growth of 25% compared to 2020. In addition, the group has made a great leap internationally , increasing sales abroad up to 41%.

Despite the difficulties in the supply chain that the sector is experiencing, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, «Alzamora Group has continued to maintain the same levels of service, without customers being affected in the supply of material», Explain Joseph M. Berga, general and commercial director of Alzamora Group.

“During 2021 we have continued to commit to innovation in packaging, developing new sustainable solutions and patents. Likewise, we have acquired state-of-the-art machinery, which has allowed us to increase our productivity and efficiency. Some results that have been accompanied by the effort of our team to continue offering the best products”, added Berga.

A year that has also stood out for the evolution of the Alzamora Group at an international level, since its exports have increased by 41% compared to 2020.

Specifically, Alzamora Packaging, located in Sant Joan les Fonts (Gerona), is the company that has experienced the most significant growth, improving its turnover by up to 43% more.

This increase has been caused by various causes, among which the company's entry into several European countries is accentuated, as well as the progress of the project Green Packaging Planet, the new range of sustainable and alternative packaging to plastic such as LatCub, the biodegradable grouper for beverage cans.

In addition, Novotype, the group's plant in Portugal, managed to exceed its sales by 27,5% in 2021. A record figure in the company's history, before Alzamora acquired it.

Following the synergy strategy, Alzamora Group closed the year with two very important wins at the group level. One of them, certification ISO 9001, one of the standards that sets the minimum requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS), and that Alzamora Packaging and Novotipo already had independently.  

And, on the other hand, the 'Carbon footprint calculation stamp', thus showing their level of participation in the Register attached by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition of Spain.

This official seal reflects those organizations that calculate their carbon footprint and intend to reduce their emissions, thus committing themselves to the fight against climate change.

Within the framework of its environmental responsibility plan, Alzamora Group has committed to reduce emissions by 5% in the next 3 years. And for this reason, this January the company began to carry out one of the projects with the most impact in 2022: the installation of 1.050 photovoltaic panels, with a total power of 480,48 kWk, which will save more than 155 tons of CO² annually at Alzamora Packaging, its headquarters.


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