Amcor launches LifeSpan® Performance paper in Europe

1, March, 2022


Amcor launches LifeSpan® Performance paper in Europe, the first new product launched in its AmFiber™ global platform.  LifeSpan® Performance paper is a paper-based solution high barrier and grease resistant for the market of snacks and treats. With over 80% paper fiber content and PVDC free, this latest material innovation from Amcor is recyclable in most European countries.

Naomi Bertolino, VP of R&D for Amcor's flexible business in EMEA, states: “LifeSpan® Performance paper is a unique paper-based solution that provides a high barrier, even in high temperature conditions. Our customers have confirmed excellent performance on their packaging lines, and a high barrier after processing, overcoming two common challenges when switching to paper.”

“This launch is the result of Amcor's focus on materials innovation. Our goal is to continually improve the sustainability of packaging, while delivering the performance that brands require,” continued Bertolino. "We are currently developing other applications for LifeSpan® Performance paper, such as coffee, spices, and dehydrated soups, among others." 

In accordance with best practices for more sustainable packaging, the innovation does not contain PVDC or other materials considered problematic. The paper fiber comes from FSC® certified forests to ensure responsible management of renewable resources.

This latest launch complements Amcor's existing recyclable product portfolio for snacks and confectionery, which includes PP, PE, bioPE and now paper-based recyclable packaging options. 


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