Amec and the Basque Government stress the importance of industry as a guarantor of progress and social welfare

27, April, 2022


The board of directors of amec, the community of internationalized industrial companies, has met with the Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia Otaegi, in order to exchange views on industrial policies in the community, which can be a model to follow in order to strengthen the productive fabric in Spain. 

“Many years ago it was even stated that the best industrial policy is the one that does not exist. On the contrary, there is the example of Euskadi, which stands out for its resolute policy in favor of industry, which it has maintained for more than 40 years, and which has been key to building a prosperous community» said the president of amec, Pere Relates.

The Minister Arantxa Tapia leads a department that assumes five of the ten objectives of the country's government established for this legislature: exceed 40% of GDP in industry and advanced services; reduce unemployment below 10%; achieve convergence in R&D with the European average; reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and ensure that the share of renewable energies represents 20% of final energy consumption. These policies, as well as the determined promotion of Vocational Training, are closely aligned with the objectives that amec pursues and defends before the administrations to strengthen the industry throughout the country. Along these lines, amec has informed the councilor of the Positive Industry movement that it promotes, and which aims to put industry at the center, so that it has all the necessary support, thus acknowledging its role as a guarantor of progress and wellness. That is why amec encourages organizations, institutions and companies to join this movement.

Tapia thanked amec for the initiative they have proposed and the energetic commitment they make to an industrial economic model with high added value.

The meeting with the counselor took place after the amec Board of Directors was held in San Sebastián, with the participation of the entity's companies located in Euskadi and Navarra. Subsequently, the companies have visited the technological research and development center Tecnalia, with the aim of learning about technological innovation policies; and the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Accessories, Components and Tools AFM.


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