Sensory analysis and consumer behavior

18th October 2013

ainia, through its center for research and study of consumer preferences, Consumolab, will gather on October 28 at its headquarters in Paterna (Valencia), the most prominent researchers worldwide in sensory analysis and consumer behavior.
Experts from companies and research centers from Holland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, France and Spain will meet in a conference that will present experiences and the latest sensory methods to learn about consumer behavior and preferences .
The use of virtual reality to know the consumer's response to certain stimuli or Eye Tracking and neural techniques as a complement to sensory research are some examples. Success stories will also be addressed, such as Anne Goldman, Vice President of Consumer Research at ACCE International in Canada, who will explain how to develop cosmetic and drugstore products by integrating sensory research studies with consumers into the development process; or the experiences of Emilia Marinsdottir, Research Group Leader of Innovations and Consumers at Matis, from Iceland, on the case of sensory analysis applied to enriched fish to respond to a consumer who is increasingly aware of the role of diet in their health. In "Fast Moving Consumers Goods: The added value that new sensory approaches bring" will highlight the assistance of David Lyon, Global Director Sensor Perfumery and Flavors of Firmenich, UK.

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