ANFEC highlights its opening to Portugal at the annual meeting of collaborating partners and manufacturers

November 29th 2017

La National Association of Continuous Label Manufacturers, ANFEC, held on Tuesday November 21 its annual meeting of collaborating partners and manufacturers at the Hotel Casa Fuster in Barcelona. This year's meeting, which had 91 participants, focused on reporting on the work being carried out by the Group of Quality Managers, one of the great novelties of this 2017, but the president of ANFEC, José Ramón Benito, also took advantage to review the strategic lines that the association is following between 2016 and 2019: professionalize ANFEC, turn it into a more proactive and close organization, reinforce the ANFEC brand, enhance the professionalization of the sector through training and information , offer activities and services with high added value.

Among the actions to achieve these objectives is the opening of ANFEC to label companies in Portugal. This year 15 new associates have joined ANFEC and six of them are from Portugal. In addition, the 2018 association congress will be held in Porto between May 10 and 13.

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