Anuaria Award for the best packaging for Anastasio wine

9, March, 2022

Anuaria Award for Anastasio wine

El Anuaria Oro Award for the best packaging has been for the Anastasius wine, a job of hula studio to Eguren Ugarte.

Anastasio It is one of the first Rioja 'Vinedo Singular', the subdivision with which the Denomination distinguishes the wines from the best Rioja estates. Holding a bottle of Anastasio in your hands is literally holding a piece of the vineyard. And not only because of the wine, of which a small number of bottles are produced each year, but also because of its label, a tribute to this concept of parcel wine.

Each bottle is accompanied by a card in which the particularities of the vineyard are specified, produced manually to contain a handful of soil from the Anastasio estate, a way of involving the senses and transporting the consumer to the true protagonist of the wine: the vineyard.

Cada bottle It has been numbered and sealed by hand.


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