Antalis + cerca, the Antalis loyalty program, is renewed

April 13th 2015

Antalis launches its new Loyalty Program "antalis + cerca" 2015, whose objective is to reward the loyalty of its customers. This program, which began on April 6 and ends on December 31, is based on four key points:

+ exclusivity: A program tailored to the customer's business in order to reward their purchases. Antalis reaffirms its commitment to help you grow and improve your business.
+ ease: A clearer and more personalized design and presentation, so that the client can consult the information about their purchases, their scores and their gift options in in a simpler way.
+ opportunities: So that all your customers' purchases earn points. Just buy and win.
+ awards: A broader catalog classified in 4 different categories. As easy as choosing the desired gift and redeeming it for the accumulated points.
Antalis clients will be able to register on the Loyalty Program platform during the term of the program and will receive welcome points just for registering. In addition to rewarding their daily purchases, customers will obtain extra points in monthly product promotions, in their online orders or for the purchase of Visual Communication and Packaging products.
To promote this new loyalty program, Antalis has sent its customers an original piece printed in Olin Smooth High White where the main characteristics of this program are highlighted.

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