Apis launches a more sustainable cardboard container for its fried tomato

8, November, 2021

Fried tomato Apis

El fried tomato Apis, from the Extremadura company, Carnes y Vegetales SL, Apis Group, is already present in the Spanish market in a new container, Tetra Brik “plant-based”, Which produces a lower climate impact and is recyclable through the container. The packaging has a new design, a more current and contemporary image, in which traditional graphic components of the brand are recovered.

Manufactured by the company Tetra pakThis new carton is 83% produced with renewable, plant-based materials. The cardboard comes from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources, certified with the FSC seal® (Forest Stewardship Council®), and polymers of plant origin, manufactured from sugar cane with Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification.

In turn, the Carbon Trust seal®, also visible on the new packaging, certifies a 12% reduction in CO emissions2 compared to the same container made with polymers of fossil origin. This is because, in the first place, both trees and sugarcane absorb CO2 as they grow, reducing climate impact. In addition, Tetra Pak works to achieve carbon neutral production and distribution of packaging, using energy from renewable sources and efficient distribution that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The three formats developed, 200ml, 375ml and 500ml, are adapted to the new family schemes and the needs of the current consumer, avoiding food waste.

Complete traceability of the product, from cultivation to packaging

With more than 90 years of history, Apis Group has a long experience in the manufacture and marketing of canned vegetables and meat. Apis has its own crops, managed and processed in a sustainable way. By not having intermediaries, Apis can be present from sowing to final packaging, controlling the complete traceability of the product and offering a total food guarantee.

Specifically, their tomatoes grow on land located in the Guadiana Valley with very good soil and weather conditions, and watered with pure water from the Guadiana Basin through a sustainable drip system. Since the tomatoes are harvested, it only takes about 6 hours until they are processed and packed. In this way, the natural tomato, with which Apis manufactures its fried tomato, maintains all its vitamins and healthy and organoleptic properties.

The agri-food group, made up of more than 2500 farmers who know and care for the countryside, bases its philosophy on managing resources and their processes in a sustainable and efficient way, from sowing to final packaging, with one firm purpose: to have a positive impact. in people and on the planet. Therefore, it seeks a balance between economic growth, positive impact on society and environmental protection and regeneration.

Product traceability also extends to packaging, as Tetra Pak is committed to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and achieving full traceability throughout the entire food processing and packaging value chain.


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