APP presents Foopak, a “Halal” container for Spanish exports to the Middle East

November 2th 2016

Asia Pulp & Paper Group will launch Foopak Bio Nature Cup at the fair Gulfood Manufacturing 2016 which will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from November 7 to 9, 2016.

Foopak Bio Natura Cup is a new 100% biodegradable packaging for drinks and food, very resistant to both high and low temperatures. It has a wide range of applications including ice cream tubs, hot drink containers, and takeout containers. This new product makes use of an innovative biodegradable aqueous coating, the alternative to the old PE coating, which is easily recyclable without the need for difficult and expensive plastics separation processes.

Foopak Bio Natura Cup increases the portfolio of Foopak products that includes everything from oil- and grease-proof paper, coating for bakery and pastry products, as well as heat-sealable, PE and virgin fiber cardboard products for packaging. It is a novelty for the Foopak range as it is a product fully certified by the Regulations Halal, according to the Indonesian HAS 23000 standard.

Expanding into new markets requires manufacturing companies to work with packaging products whose ingredients are fully accepted in Islamic culture. With a population of more than 44 million Muslims, Europe has become an important market for manufacturers and producers in the Halal sector. Due in part to the high purchasing power of this community, the European Halal industry is valued at around $ 70.000 billion. Specifically in Spain the Muslim population is represented by 1,8 million people. Its strategic location between Europe and Africa, its excellent relations with the Gulf countries and the rapid growth of the European Halal industry, have made our country a key player in the International Halal markets.


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