Aptar Beauty presents NeoDropper

May 27th 2024

Aptar Beauty

Aptar Beauty presents a new generation dropper, NeoDropper, which is born from the desire to improve the user experience in high-precision skin care.

The intuitiveness of the dropper gesture has been maintained, while improved hygiene and precision benefits have been added. When the bulb is pressed, the formula goes up the dip tube and fills the applicator. The dose is ready to be dispensed with a new press of the knob.

Better formula protection
NeoDropper provides a comprehensive, multifaceted answer to the challenge of formula protection. The applicator does not come into direct contact with the formula in the bottle, which prevents retro-contamination by bacteria. Rigorous laboratory testing confirms NeoDropper's effectiveness in safeguarding product integrity. In addition, a unique system prevents the product from spilling, even if the bottle is tipped over.

Better dose control
Accurate dosage is of crucial importance in premium skin care. To meet this requirement, NeoDropper is designed to deliver the correct dose by simply squeezing the bulb. Its short applicator prevents overflow of the formula and ensures better control when applying the dose, thus offering an optimal user experience.

Additionally, NeoDropper supports glass recycling streams (subject to local capabilities) and allows for multiple customization options.

NeoDropper can be combined with current dropper bottles on the market. The selected bottle is Oslo (Heinz Glas).

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