Aptar Beauty+Home collaborates with Dermalogica

22, February, 2022


Aptar Beauty + Home collaborates with Dermalogica. The skincare brand launches its cleaning line using Future, fully recyclable monomaterial pump of Aptar. Dermalogica has integrated this innovative Aptar solution into Special Cleansing Gel, UltraCalming Cleanser and Clearing Skin Wash.

In developing the Future concept, Aptar experts drew on early eco design recognized, which help reduce the environmental footprint of the product. An example that promotes recyclability is the design of dispensing products from monomaterial materials, including metallic components that in some cases can affect the recycling process. The Future pump is made only of PE, which aligns with the most common materials used to make PE and PET bottles, so the complete packaging, including the pump and bottle, is more efficient at the recycling level.

Another important feature of Future is a lock system built-in, easy-to-use on/off switch and a 360 degree actuator. The locking system has a ring that opens or locks the pump with an accompanying double-click sound. The 360 ​​degree rotator allows the actuator to be freely oriented.

The Future pump has received multiple certifications of the industry and earned recognition from the Association of Plastics Recyclers. Future also complies with Amazon's rigorous ISTA 6 protocol. Designed for e-commerce, Future's ISTA 6 compliance ensures the pump withstands the risks associated with transportation and distribution network pressures, so it requires less protective cardboard and paper packaging.


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