AR Metallizing Group acquires Málaga Produtos Metalizados Ltda.

January 13, 2016

Malaga Metalized Products will become a wholly owned subsidiary AR Metalizing.

The acquisition will not affect the jobs of its 164 workers. Likewise, the Málaga family will continue to participate in the company actively.

AR Metallizing, a world leader in the production of Coated metallized paper for flexible packaging and labels (labels with wet rubber, adhesive labels, general labels and in-mold labeling), consolidates its leadership position with the acquisition of Málaga Produtos Metalizados, a high-quality Brazilian manufacturer of labeling products. Currently Málaga Produtos Metalizados is the dominant company in the Brazilian metallized paper market.

Dr. Bart Devos, CEO of AR Metallizing and Vice President of the Nissha Group, is enthusiastic about the opportunities this acquisition will offer: “Given its perfect location in the world's fastest growing beer market and its continuous innovations, Málaga Produtos Metalizados is the perfect partner so that we can continue to grow and invest in our core business on a global scale. Together we will strive to create the best products for our partners in Latin America ”.

Junya Suzuki, Chairman and CEO, Chairman of the Board of the Nissha Group, is also very optimistic: “With this strategic acquisition, the future of the Latin American market looks very promising. It gives AR Metallizing an opportunity to bring its innovative and sustainable products to an even larger audience. "

Finally, Francisco Málaga, founder of Málaga Produtos Metalizados, sees great potential in this acquisition: “With this step, our company will become a larger global player. The strong innovative power of AR Metallizing offers our group a foundation on which we can continue to grow. For my family, our staff and our clients, it is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with AR Metallizing and work together on R&D projects, as well as to create innovative solutions for our clients ”.

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