Ardagh Metal Packaging Europe presents H!GHEND

February 1th 2022


H!GHEND by Ardagh Metal Packaging Europe is a new addition to their cutting-edge customization range that brings additional value to the end of the year. technology allows a decor high-quality CMYK colors across the cover surface, meaning brands can highlight, personalize and differentiate their cans with maximum visual impact.

Throughout the new range, the H!GHEND color can perfectly match the specific color brand; there are numerous graphic possibilities; and H!GHEND pro can be used to differentiate special editions or collectibles. With customization starting from small runs, the H!GHEND series is flexible to changing brand needs.

H!GHEND color offers advanced full-layer printing in solid or transparent colors, matching brand standards.

The H!GHEND image brings an eye-catching HD printed design to the top of the can, allowing brand differentiation through graphics. The H!GHEND image covers 100% of the cover, seamlessly integrating it with the can body design. The sidewall of the case can now be printed with text or images, with controlled distortion for crisp, clear words and logos. The versatility of H!GHEND makes it ideal for promotional packs and special editions as well as main packs.

H!GHEND is available with an end diameter of 202.

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