Architecture and wine united in a packaging design

9, November, 2021

Backbone Branding

Photo by Backbone Branding & Suren Manvelyan. An architecture company, 9architects, approached Backbone Branding on the occasion of a self-promotion event and they proposed to create a wine.

In the same way that an architect needs to break stereotypes to set a new standard in architectural problem solving, Backbone placed an architectural construction in a bottle cylinder type, which is the prototype of skyscrapers and structures that rise from the ground, whose surface is not flat and uniform. These are two geometric shapes that make up the company's logo 9.

They took a shape, filled it with real concrete, got an architectural structure, and put it in a cylinder-shaped bottle. In addition, the concrete construction that rises from the bottle has not only a design purpose, but also a functional one: it serves as a device to hold the bottle in a horizontal position. As a result, Backbone minimizes an entire building in a bottle of wine.


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