artMuria creates a luxury honey dispenser

December 12th 2016


The luxury honey brand artMuria has devised a honey dispenser, intended for five-star hotels and restaurants.

It is a wrought iron structure, which supports a panel of one of the artMuria varieties, and which underneath has a stainless steel tray, placed on a gentle slope, so that the honey drips and falls directly into a container. The arnas are sealed with beeswax.

The prototype is common in luxury hospitality across Europe. In addition, artMuria sells boxes that facilitate the logistics process.

artMuria is a creation of the Muria family, beekeepers since 1810: a luxury honey with a high pollen content and a maximum concentration of aromas and properties, marketed in various formats and with luxury presentations. The honeys from artMuria, which has recently expanded its range of flavors, are distributed at European level in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. On the Asian continent they are present in Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. It is also expected that they will soon be available in the most prestigious establishments and chains in the United States and the rest of the Persian Gulf countries.


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