Asahi Photoproducts Introduces New AFP ™ -TSP Medium Hardness Digital Plate for Paper Media

29, June, 2015

Asahi Photoproducts presents a new plate in the PTD (Pinning Top Dot) range, the AFP ™ -TSP for paper, folding cardboard and corrugated cardboard, as well as for flexible packaging made of aluminum supports or films.
PTD technology allows ink to transfer cleanly and prevents ink from accumulating on the plate surface or on the raised areas of the screen.

Thus, fewer stops are required to clean plates, downtime is reduced, and overall equipment operating efficiency is improved. AFP ™ -TSP plates allow for low pressure printing, extending plate life, reducing downtime and increasing profit margin.
This new medium hard plate comes in four thicknesses, with a Shore A hardness ranging from 48 to 69, and is the perfect complement to the harder AFP ™ -TOP plate that was released last year. AFP ™ -TSP plates are designed to print on superior quality corrugated paper and cardboard with aqueous inks. They are also compatible with solvent-based inks and most UV curing inks, allowing all types of handling companies to benefit from the benefits of PTD technology.
The chemical composition of the plates, with special polymers, creates a low tension on the surface of the plates, which causes the ink to form a globule and stay in the point without falling off the bumps. This creates a greater ink profile, with a large contact angle and a high intermediate cure point (pinning), allowing the ink to be transferred from the plate to the substrate in a cleaner way.
AFP ™ -TSP plates also facilitate smooth ink transfer in smooth or lined images, and allow better trapping control when printing different colored inks on top of each other.


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