Atipus designs the Vi Novell 2018 label

May 15th 2019

Coinciding with the pig slaughter festival (November)

Coinciding with the feast of the slaughter of the pig (November), the "I saw Novell" (Celler Masroig, Spain): the first wine of the harvest. A young and fruity wine that invites you to break corsets.
La label you have to breathe this fresh and transgressive spirit. To emphasize the idea of ​​ephemeral wine (limited edition) and fast consumption, a new label is proposed each year. As the party always revolves around the pig / saints binomial, for this 9th edition, Atypus proposed to a sanctified pig. They looked for a label that, with the background of the party and the pig, was fun, attracted attention and had a certain transgressive point, to reach a new audience and give visibility to the winery.
Designers: Mar De la Llave / Mariano Fiore
Production manager: Eduard Duch
Photography: Javier Suarez
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper
Print: 2 inks, silkscreen printed + gold stamping
Role: Velvet white - Avery Dennison

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