Aura, the new tubes from Texen Beauty Partners

April 8th 2024


The new collection Aura by Texen Beauty Partners It unfolds into 8 flexible tubes that are offered with multiple, 100% customizable applicators and delivery systems.

Aura translates a holistic approach to makeup and skincare. It expresses both the sensation offered to consumers (harmonies of colors and chakras, soft touch of the packaging, etc.), as well as the practicality of use and the promise of the result.

Aura products target areas of the face (lips, eyes, complexion, fragile areas, etc.) and the scalp, an emerging trend. They are composed of applicators that are immersed in the formula or integrated into the tube for a double application/distribution function. The formats vary from 8 to 15ml and the types of applicators adapt to the formula: foam, silicone, brush...

The materials comply with regulations and are environmentally friendly (no ABS, styrenic, POM or POK).

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