Avalis, Reciprocal Guarantee Society, bets on Bossar Packaging

22, November, 2013

Bossar Packaging SA has been guaranteed by the company Avalis for an amount of € 700.000 before financial institutions and official bodies, thus showing its commitment to a leading company in technology and innovation. This will allow Bossar to continue with its commitment to R + D + i and develop new projects with the most cutting-edge technology.
Avalis, a Reciprocal Guarantee Society, whose shareholders are the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Catalan Institute of Finance, and various financial entities and Chambers of Commerce, provides companies with access to credit and international markets. To achieve this objective, its action consists of providing guarantees to financial entities and official bodies, and technical guarantees to international clients and suppliers.
According to the report of this society, Bossar Packaging, 21 years after its foundation, is a consolidated company in the international market. With a staff of 100 employees, it is present in 97 countries and in the most important multinationals in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. After filing bankruptcy in 2009, the evolution, growth and consolidation of Bossar Packaging have been constant.


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