Avery Dennison enables rigid plastic recycling with AD CleanFlake™ technology

23, August, 2022


Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has removed a key obstacle to the plastic recycling with the introduction of AD CleanFlake™ technology last generation. With AD CleanFlake™, Avery Dennison becomes the first label manufacturer to enable rigid plastic recycling across its entire film portfolio, providing brands and solutions that support recycling processes without compromising performance to meet sustainability goals .

AD CleanFlake™ technology is recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers, the European PET Bottle Platform and RecyClass, for enabling recycling by working with rigid plastic recycling processes to cleanly remove (PET) or remain with packaging ( HDPE), resulting in good quality, conservation of virgin resources, and less landfill waste. The AD CleanFlake™ portfolio offers these benefits for PET and HDPE plastics. In addition to allowing recycling, AD CleanFlake™ technology offers high performance in terms of adhesion, clarity and conversion. For converters, the adhesive is characterized by whitening and strength.


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