AWA Sleeve Label Awards 2017

22, May, 2017

McDowell Label and Screen Printing ( USA) have won this year's Best Sleeve Label award for the combination of "tactile effects

McDowell Label and Screen Printing (USA) have achieved the Best Sleeve Label award of this year for the combination of "the tactile, glossy and holographic effects" integrated in the design and the excellence of the conversion and the application of the sleeve for the labels of the brand Supre Tan Snooki.

The award Awa Best Sleeve Label was shared with Safety Seal Plastics (USA) for its evocative label for the Harvest Pumpkin Ale by Nine Locks Brewing Company. The jury praised it for being "an experience on multiple levels, combining the textured, tactile and gritty quality of the sleeve with its effectiveness on the simple form of the container in a large-scale application."



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