Alzamora Group advances with its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2023

7, September, 2022

Alzamora Group

Alzamora Group continues to make progress in fulfilling its main sustainable objective: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 5% by 2023. A purpose established in the group's Emissions Reduction Plan.

Alzamora Packaging, its main headquarters, has already managed to reduce electricity consumption by up to 37% in the last 10 years and now the group continues to work to position itself as a benchmark in the sector in this transition, which it is achieving with its Reduction Plan of Emissions, in which it has already executed scope 1 and 2. As well as obtaining the "Official Seal of the Carbon Footprint Calculation", granted by MITECO.

Among the measures established for this 2022, the group has made two very significant investments for efficiency and sustainable impact in the production process. On the one hand, the replacement of traditional UVI curing lamps with UVI LED technology, which will save up to 172,29 MWw per year, that is, 81% less consumption. And, on the other hand, the replacement of a cutting-edge and more efficient die-cutting machine, which will mean annual energy savings of up to 179,52 MWw, which is equivalent to 51% less. In addition to the installation of 1.050 photovoltaic panels carried out by the group during the first quarter, in which we add a significant reduction of more than 155 tons of CO² per year.

Another of the projects linked to the group's strategy is the Green Packaging Planet project, which aims to help reduce the environmental impact of its customers. Alzamora Group plans to expand its line of biodegradable packaging for the food sector, with the Flatskin biodegradable solution, suitable for meat products, as well as its innovative solution for the pharmaceutical industry, in order to replace the current plastic and aluminum blister packs. Two innovative solutions that are added to the range of sustainable packaging such as LatCub, the alternative shrink wrapper and plastic rings for beverage cans.

According to Natalie Carmona, Director of Quality and Food Safety of Alzamora Group, «it is important to satisfy the current needs of customers. However, the group's commitment is to provide all the necessary tools so as not to compromise future generations in the development of their own. Our great challenge is to become aware and leave this legacy.

In this sense, last 2021 Alzamora Group increased the use of certified material up to 349%, that is, cardboard from sustainably managed forests, such as FSC and PEFC.


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