Beiersdorf launches the first climate-neutral Nivea products

May 19th 2021

The product range of Nivea Naturally Good facial care of Beiersdorf will offer in almost 30 countries the first products with climate neutrality from the skincare company, with more products to follow.

With this step among other initiatives, Beiersdorf is working hard on its transformation towards greater sustainability and a smaller environmental footprint. “Climate change continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing society and our consumers. That is why climate action is at the heart of our 'Care beyond Skin' sustainability commitment in Beiersdorf, "he says. Stefan de loecker, CEO of Beiersdorf AG. «The sustainability initiatives that are being carried out within our company and beyond it are aimed at reduce CO emissions2, including our brands and products. "

For years, the product portfolio has been continuously optimized to improve its environmental impact. By the end of 2019, 55% of Beiersdorf's sales had been generated through products with an optimized environmental footprint. The company's next step is to offset unavoidable product-based emissions. Products with significantly reduced CO2 emissions will be climate neutralized.

“This step is an important milestone for us: it boosts our climate action with new climate protection measures, such as our support for reforestation to offset emissions, and offers our consumers greater transparency regarding the sustainability of our products. products. Now they will be able to identify our most sustainable product offering in the store much easier, ”he says. Jean Francois Pascal, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Beiersdorf.

Renewable plastic packaging

With Nivea Naturally Good facial care products, the company's first climate-neutral range, Beiersdorf successfully implemented an innovation of sustainable packaging that supposed an important reduction of CO2. The jars and lids of these face creams are made with renewable plastic certificate. The exact raw material used for this is tall oil, a by-product of the forestry industry, and is used in a certified mass balance approach.

“By applying this renewable raw material, we are consistently turning our goals into concrete actions. By 2025 we plan to use 50% less virgin fossil plastic in our product packaging. With these jars made of renewable plastic, we are pioneers in our sector ", he says Michael Becker, Director of Global Packaging Development at Beiersdorf.

In addition to these Nivea Naturally Good packages, their formulas are also sustainable; they are made up of 99% natural and vegan ingredients and do not contain microplastics2. Finally, Beiersdorf manufactures with 100% energy from renewable sources 2019 since.

Other sustainable innovations

Another innovation is Nivea Naturally Clean, Nivea's first line of certified natural cosmetic products. These solid facial cleansers come in a plastic-free packaging; sold in a recycled cardboard box that minimizes the environmental footprint of the product. Plus, the solid formula saves water in the manufacturing process, which is an added advantage over facial cleansers in liquid form.

Another example is the optimization of the range of Nivea shower products. All formulas were reworked in 2019 and have since been free of

microplastics. The formulas became biodegradable in 2020. At the same time, the bottles became recycled plastic, with which an important reducing your CO footprint2. These measures allowed the entire range of shower products to be climate neutralized, being available from June in Germany.

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