Bericap presents sustainable and easy-to-use closures

23, August, 2022


Improved wearer comfort, climate compatibility, and weight and material reductions are the key to future closing systems, requirements met by the new solutions of Bericap.

According to a consumer study on tethered caps, which will become mandatory in Europe in July 2024, consumers are willing to adopt eco-friendly caps if they also have handling benefits. The majority of surveyed consumers rated Bericap's drawstring lids, known as ClipAside, more positively than conventional closures for their intuitive handling, 180-degree opening angle and high hygiene. Bericap designed ClipAside to allow customers to prepare for a quick and simple change to tethered caps while continuing to manufacture closures with current TE band geometry. By producing closures in designs that have been adapted to the future ClipAside height, Bericap can simply change the cut geometry and switch between the standard cut and the tethered cap cut.

Bericap has also been driving lightweight initiatives across all product categories, because weight and material reductions improve sustainability. These initiatives include the development of new neck standards to reduce bottle and closure material requirements, as well as the ongoing optimization of closure designs in conjunction with the development of neck standards. The company has played a key role in the evolution of weight and material savings from the standard neck finish PCO 1810 to PCO 1881 and more recently to the new GME 30.40.

Finally, Bericap presents new sports closure models: Mayence and Biarritz, as well as the Monet premium closure. All Bericap sports caps are made from HDPE/PP materials and have a wide opening for a better drinking experience. One-piece Biarritz combines modern design with intuitive operation and is suitable for dry and wet aseptic filling. The Mayence Two-Piece Sport Closure can be in a two-tone design and is suitable for wet aseptic filling. Monet, a premium two-piece closure for aseptic wet and dry filling, features a high-visibility, color-coded tamper-evident ring between the body and cap, and the distinctive window in the closure clearly indicates if the closure is already closed. It has been closed.


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