Tigretón, Pantera Rosa and Bony de Bimbo are updated by Supperstudio

April 15th 2024

At the end of the 70 years, Bimbo launched its three famous cupcakes with great success. Fifty years later, Bimbo trusts superstudio to update its design, brands and packaging, in order to connect with today's children and teenagers.

Since its launch, Bimbo's range of cupcakes had undergone changes that had disconnected them from the original target and diluted their presence on the shelves. To reconnect with consumers, Supperstudio defined three axes on which to work to update its identity. As its creative director explains, Paco Adin, “We were clear that we had to focus on modernizing its visual appearance, building a current personality for the characters and giving it a more natural appearance.”

Bony moves to the rhythm of rap and Tigreton dance reggaeton. Everything in the new design seeks to conquer new audiences by drawing on nostalgia and recovering all those who went to the EGB. In addition, the materials have been reviewed to give it a more natural appearance, improving the feel and consumer experience with the packaging.

Pink Panther It recovers its vintage look, typography and illustrations but incorporates the image of the product to make it more appetizing and unique. As Paco Adín explains, “the design has remained faithful to the iconic character and has given it a more sophisticated tone.”

With its 60th anniversary, Pantera Rosa de Bimbo is presented on the shelves more current than ever, being totally faithful to its unmistakable identity. The new design has given the family of cupcakes greater visibility on the shelf and has managed to significantly improve sales of the three products. In addition, the family of cupcakes won a Pentawards in the last edition of the awards, where effectiveness and quality of design were valued.

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