Black Leopard / Quadpack

November 2th 2016

Black Leopard collaborated with Quadpack to develop solutions for all products in the range

Black leopard collaborated with quad pack to develop solutions for all products in the range, designed for "everyday men, weekend warriors or trendsetters".

The look and feel of the range perfectly matches the brand's message, as well as the needs of the overall men's skincare market. The packages chosen fit together and support the brand's claim that men's cosmetics work. They also feature Yonwoo's patented airless technology, which protects advanced formulas.

The Black Leopard range uses Yonwoo's Jumbo and Jumbo Slim airless containers, with matching tubes, bottles and roll-on applicators, of solid and robust dimensions.

The matte black finish gives the containers a pleasant feel to the touch. The purple screen printing identifies it with the brand, while the shiny silver color enhances the luxurious component of the brand.

The brand transmits solidity with the packaging, all of this to convey the message of "Don't get screwed up… it works!"

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