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9, December, 2013

Blanxart bets once again for a delicious mix between tradition and innovation by launching the Brics

Blanxart is once again committed to a delicious mix between tradition and innovation by launching Brics, a product within the Experimenta range that combines a traditional Catalan sweet made from almonds and chocolate, with a variety of innovative flavors.
Maintaining visual coherence with the chocolate bars of the Cuídate world, Nomon Design created the packaging line for the new product, which transmits the values ​​and personality of the brand as well as bringing it closer to snack consumption.
Since its inception in 1954, Blanxart has known how to evolve and adapt to new market needs. During the process of developing the brand's strategic plan, Nomon Design identified Tradition, Quality, Health and Pleasure as the brand's inalienable values ​​and defined a new portfolio strategy based on the construction of four new product ranges: Experimenta, Take care, Remember and Organic.


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