Bodega Sierra Norte launches vintage and renews image of Fuenteseca wines

10, January, 2022

Fuenteseca wines

Sierra Norte Winery has presented the new image of its Fuenteseca wines, what they have changed the design of the label and its branding typeface. With the change, an illustration of the vineyard where the grapes with which these wines are made are grown, the Fuenteseca de Camporrobles place. The image also highlights the iconic centennial pine that the winery conserves in the middle of the plot.

The Artwork They also show a character that interacts with the insects in the vineyard, with the aim of studying and preserving them. In this way, it tries to reflect the philosophy of sustainable and ecological cultivation who defends and practices the winery since its birth, 22 years ago.

The Fuenteseca brand protects three wines from the PDO Utiel-Requena, a red and a rosé, both elaborated with Bobal and Cabernet Sauvignon, And a White wine, with a blend of Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc. That is, autochthonous varieties of the Mediterranean, assembled with two of the most recognized international grapes.

Fuenteseca is one of the brands with the longest history for Bodega Sierra Norte and has been in the market for 18 years. At present, these wines are exported to 18 countries, including Germany, Japan and the United States, which makes them one of the references with the highest turnover for the winery.

The renewal of its image has coincided with the change of vintage, 2021, since it is about of young wines, each with its own personality but with common characteristics, such as an intense and fine nose in which the fruit stands out, a lot of freshness in the mouth and an exquisite uniqueness.

Fuenteseca wines are organic and vegan, like all the wines made by this Valencian winery.


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