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December 21th 2015

Bodegas Añadas and Studio Glass

Bodegas Añadas and Studio glass, a company specialized in customizing glass for beverages, have presented a collection of cups called Wine Glass by Care.

The series is characterized by the fact that the base of the glass is printed with the image of the winery, a selection of original faces by the artist Enrique Torrijos.

This is a limited production through which the winery wants to make known, with this exclusive packaging, the fusion between art and viticulture oriented from tradition towards a new style of consumer.

Care is the brand of Vintage Wineries, located in the heart of the Denomination of Origin Cariñena, one of the historical and emerging areas of national viticulture. With Care, the winery appeals both to the ancient Roman name of the city of Cariñena, and - in its Anglo-Saxon term - to the care and care that the winery prints its wines.

A syncretistic artistic image of primitive inspiration, and a universally identifiable term, Care, fuse concepts in unique and innovative wines. 

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