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12, May, 2014

Gráficas Varias has won the FINAT award (International Federation of Label Makers) with the label "Miss Tela" from Bodegas Antonio Arraez

Gráficas Varias has won the FINAT (International Federation of Label Manufacturers) award with the label "Miss Tela" from Bodegas Antonio Arraez, SL
The “Miss Fabric” label is sequentially digitally printed on Manter Costellation Silk paper, which mimics the feel of silk. The design is by Francesca Della Croce, who has wanted to merge the typical sweet wine of the Valencian Community, the Mistela, with the traditional culture of the region, in order to highlight the tradition of this Mediterranean land. The inspiration was the typical Espolínes of the feminine clothes of the Fallas, candidate to be cultural patrimony of the UNESCO. As its name indicates, "Miss Tela" is a play on words between English, the original name of the wine and the packaging.
Each of the labels represents a detail of the original traditional silks of the Espolínes de Vives y Marí, an artisan factory of the silk trade.


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