Bormioli Luigi participates in the Scent of Africa adventure

June 18th, 2024

Scent of Africa

Founded by Tanal Ghandour, Scent of Africa is the first African fragrance brand with a selective and contemporary vision. Originally from Ghana, the brand captures the olfactory universe of the African continent, revealing its treasures. Bormioli Luigi managed the development of a specific bottle and decoration, meeting the technical and aesthetic challenges of the concept.

El jar, initially created in a 50ml format, is the result of a tailor-made conception. The decoration in multiple shades, including metallic, opaque and transparent shades, is done using an external lacquer that reveals a subtle graduated effect. It is combined with hot stamping in pearlescent and high gloss finishes respectively for feminine and masculine fragrances. One of the main difficulties during development was matching the shade of the bottle and the plug to respect its balance.

Applying the hot stamping onto the iconic bottle was another challenge. The cap evokes the shape of Africa and the brand logo is inspired by the Sankofa symbol, which for the Akan people means “return to”, symbolizing the return to the roots.

Signed by renowned perfumers such as Nathalie Cetto, Olivier Pescheux and Delphine Lebeau, the collection Eternal Legends exudes the olfactory landscape of Africa with bold feminine and masculine accents. It expresses African mythology thanks to a contemporary tribute to local divinities. “Through Scent of Africa, I wanted to honor Africa and its people, the generosity of a continent and the strong sense of belonging of its inhabitants,” explains the brand's founder, Tanal Ghandour. Nigerian ginger, Somali frankincense, Egyptian geranium, and South African jasmine and buchu leaf combine to create intoxicating fragrances prized in African culture. The collection is built around female-male duos such as Rakh and Nefee, Hagé and Laïka, Bellua and Bézi and finally Fik and Gleti, tributes to the gods of the sky and the moon.

The brand heads to the American market in 2025 with a second, more complex range, inspired by African materials and rituals. This will also be the opportunity to penetrate the European market.

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