Boxes of dreams by Cartonajes Salinas

August 10st, 2015

boxes of dreams (boxes of dreams) is an initiative that is part of the group of coordinators of Cartonajes Salinas as an idea to celebrate its 20th anniversary in the industry in a different way.
Boxes of dreams aims to be a platform through which Cartonajes Salinas supports solidarity causes together with other foundations or NGOs.
The first box of dreams goes directly to central Africa, more specifically to a city in Rwanda called Rilima, through the NGO Karit (Solidarity for Peace).
Karit is a non-governmental, non-profit Association, whose main objective is to promote actions that promote solidarity with the most disadvantaged people, and raise awareness about the realities of marginalization and inequality that are experienced every day in all corners of the city. Land. Most of its actions are translated into projects for the Promotion of Development (education, health, water and sanitation, promotion of women, community development, volunteering ...).
Salinas is making big bets to have the most cutting-edge technology on the market in its facilities. "When we were asked to work and collaborate so that a population could have a basic technology to obtain an even more basic need such as drinking water, we did not think about it for two minutes."
The well in Rilima (Rwanda) will be built on the land donated by the Carmelite sisters, next to the shelter for students, but the entire population of the area will benefit from it. The project includes the installation of solar energy to extract water from the well.
Cartonajes Salinas undertakes to raise € 56.160 requested in full for the project, without discounting management and / or communication costs. It will carry out awareness and communication activities of the NGO and the project in question.

Solidary run
To give it a more participatory, social and festive character, Cartonajes Salinas organizes the 1st CARTONAJES SALINAS SOLIDARITY RACE, in favor of this project within the Boxes of Dreams Corporate Social Responsibility project.
The race will take place in Salinas on September 27, 2015 at 10:00 in the morning. They will run 10 and 5 km, and there will also be children's races.
The cost of registration is € 5,00 adults, € 2,00 children. € 7,00 from September 21. Close on the 24th or until reaching a maximum of 500 participants.
All the necessary information and the registration form can be found on the website

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