BTC Europe and NXTLEVVEL Biochem sign an agreement to distribute bio-based and biodegradable solvents

20, June, 2022


BTC Europe GmbH and NXTLEVVEL Biochem have recently signed an agreement distribution of biodegradable and biobased solvents derived from levulinic acid for the European market. BTC Europe GmbH is part of the Basf Group and it is the European distributor of Basf for special chemical products.

Levulinic acid can serve as a versatile building block for chemicals and materials derived directly from biomass. Due to their broad solvency power, low volatility, high safety profile, and biodegradability, levulinate solvents offer a sustainable alternative to solvents based on fossil raw materials for a wide range of applications.

Both companies intend to leverage their experience and industry knowledge to respond to the high demand for more sustainable and low-emission products in the European market and enable customers to make more environmentally friendly decisions in their purchasing and development processes. Thanks to this cooperation, customers will have access to efficient solutions in terms of resources, derived from the biomass of non-food crops, with which they can reduce their carbon footprint and secure long-term sustainable competitive advantages.


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