Butterfly Cannon creates a new packaging for Oriflame Cosmetics fragrances

31, May, 2022

Butterfly Cannon creates a new packaging for Oriflame

Signature it is the last one oriflame fragrance Sweden, made by his master perfumer together with his own son. Oriflame asked the agency Butterfly cannon to create a brand around this story and identified that its core was the idea of ​​longevity and generations working together for the future.

They designed a glass jar timeless that fit into a wooden frame contemporary, which can be removed and reused as a photo frame.

As a final detail, the bottles and outer packs for his and hers were designed with relief panels and complementary engravings. The wooden frame is responsibly sourced and designed for a friction fit without glue or magnets.

This single material construction ensured easy separation of the bottle for recycling and reuse. Although they come in different sizes, the feminine and masculine fragrance packs were designed to fit within a common frame and pack size, saving resources.


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