Cabello x Mure designs the packaging for Rock´n R´olive

January 3, 2022

Hair x Mure

Houses of Hualdo commissioned Hair x Mure a new project for the US market, for which they created Rock'n R'olive, a new branding in which labels They simulate the stickers of the old vinyls.

Rock'n R'Olive is a extra virgin olive oil made in Spain, available in two varieties. Arbequina Jazz is made with small olives, grown in the north of Spain; It is a medium intense oil in which the characteristic organoleptic notes of the Arbequina olive such as ripe fruit or tomato predominate. Picual Blues, of medium intensity, displays a whole range of green notes on the nose, especially tomato and basil. On the palate, it has a rather robust flavor with medium intensity spiciness and bitterness, which merge into a very balanced set.

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